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Choosing Paints for Your Home

Most realtors see paint selection as an important factor in the real estate market. Without spending a fortune on painting all the walls, serious homeowners that want to make profits can do paint touch-ups. It’s difficult not to admire any property before investing in it. However, any property that needs a lot of paint to fix or update it might stay without a buyer until the task is done.

Painting Your Front Door

According to the U.S National Association of Realtors, the front door is one of the first parts of a home that has the potential of creating powerful impacts on the selling price. Being the entrance to the home, a little effort of redoing the polish or paint can bring great rewards. Usually, colours affect people’s psychology in different ways. So, it creates a lasting impression when homeowners paint the door in unique colour details. Don’t forget that home buyers often visit many homes before they make buying decisions. These buyers will remember bright colours such as red, orange or purple even after they’ve seen a dozen houses.

Do You Want to Go Neutral?

Many interior designers agree that neutral colours are photogenic. When clients see digital photographs of kitchen walls with neutral colours, it evokes interest. Neutral wall colours such as white, tan, light blue, and greys are still in vogue because of the contrast they bring. Photos of properties on listing pages with neutral colours often complement the appeal of vibrant colours. While using colour-scheming to attract clients online, neutral colours help them to focus on the overall colour details.

What Happens With Wrong Blends of Colors?

Colour blocking is a term that explains the process of pairing together colours that are opposite on the colour wheel. When the homeowner blends colours in a mismatched manner, it creates a different look in the building or room. If done correctly it can look great but in some circumstances, too much blend of colours might be an eyesore. Usually, it hurts the eyes to see the living room walls in green, dining room in blue, window frames in white, and bedroom walls in pink, for example.

Why Is Paint Selection Important?

Do you know that painting your home with the right colours can increase the return on investment? As a way of boosting value, fresh coats of paint attract potential home buyers. The use of paint is the first thing that buyers see when they inspect a home or browse through the gallery of property photos. Colours evoke different emotions and can set the mood of the room whilst adding to the house design; emerald green signifies subtle sophistication whilst terracotta brings a sense of warmth to the room.

When the poor condition of a listed home is visible, potential buyers tend to skip the listing and go for other alternatives.

Also, glossy paints reflect light better and make property photos brighter when they are posted online. However, paints can alter the dimensions of any living space. The right use of paints can make small rooms appear bigger, and a large room appear smaller. Additionally, the application of white coats on kitchen cabinets reflects modernity.

Many home buyers don’t like to spend money on paints after a successful transaction because it helps them keep avoiding extra expenditure. So, they prefer to transfer this cost to homeowners before buying their property.

What Makes Painting Go Wrong?

Cheap paints, poor quality, and wrong application are a common reason for redoing paint jobs. Sometimes, the use of cheap paints can turn off potential clients or trigger them to do the painting again. This poor quality of paint often brings the unnecessary cost for the new buyer. However, the homeowner might fail to please a potential home buyer even after using high-quality paints. It might be quite expensive to redo the painting, but the client will be pleased to have used their preferred colours. If you are struggling to choose the right paints to fit in with your overall house design, it could be worthwhile to hire interior decorators for some professional help.

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