equipment used on construction sites

Common Equipment for Onsite Reconstruction Jobs

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The construction industry is broad, ranging from road to building constructions. It is difficult to have to lift the materials used in construction, thus the need for machinery and equipment to make the work easier and faster. An extensive road railing, for example, would require several people to lift and put it in place. With a machine doing the job, the work would be faster, simpler and more accurately positioned. The equipment used serves different purposes. For easier identification, they have been categorised into different groupings according to their functionalities.

Equipment that moves the earth
These equipment serve the purpose of preparing the land for construction. They have been specialised and crafted with several modifications to achieve this process. They either dig or level the ground to create a perfect foundation to build either a road or a building. Some of them have drilling bits at the top while others have been designed to scoop and flatten the sand or rocks that have been drilled. The equipment includes:







Vehicles for construction
These are vehicles that have been modified to perform construction tasks. The vehicles are meant to transport materials to and from the site. The tipper, for example, has a back that can be raised to pour sand on the site or remove and dump unwanted items from the site. Another common vehicle seen in construction sites is the tank truck, commonly known as the tanker. The vehicle is meant to carry liquified raw materials to the site such as tar for road construction or water. Here are the examples of vehicles that fall under this category:





Equipment that handles materials

There is equipment that also serves the purpose of moving the elements or working with the materials such as cement, sand, metal and others that are used in the construction. Under this category, the crane is the most commonly seen equipment, especially when building skyscrapers. It uses the pulley mechanism to lift items to higher places of a building under construction or from one point to the next. Conveyers are also common when materials are to be moved in large scale to the top of a building. The equipment that handles this section are:





Equipment for construction
Some equipment specifies in the construction bit itself. The concrete mixture is a piece of standard equipment under this category. It is a fast and efficient mode of mixing up materials to be used in construction sites. It mixes cement, ballast and sand. You must have come across the big tractors that have a metallic cylindrical tire at the front. Those are the road rollers, used to flatten and smoothen the surface of the road. The equipment that falls under this category are the:

Concrete mixture


Road rollers


Equipment that makes tunnels
These are the ones that are used to dig underground systems such as tunnels, sewerage lines and underground railway lines. The road header machine, one of the examples, has a drilling bit at the front that rotates while boring through a hill to make a railway line. Other than construction, they are also actively used in mining and underground construction. The tunnel boring machine is also another equipment used to bore through harsh geographical environments. As much as it may be used to dig through tunnels, it can only be used to drill places with not so hard rocks. Hard rocks make it wear fast thus decreasing its capability of digging a tunnel.

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