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Group activities for employee engagement

Group activities to encourage employee engagement is more than just planning things to do and spinning numbers around on dice. It is time to understand that employee engagement is purely a mindset. You can only start to get results from the engagement if you focus on the why of the subject. Take a good look at the team and understand they are real people with dreams, ideas, challenges and accomplishments both inside and out of work. Employers tend to use their employees are a business result.

Is employee engagement that important?

Ensuring your employees are engaged is a huge challenge but also an opportunity that can create long-term trust and commitment from the team. This will lower the mistakes made and create more sales. Employee engagement can help to improve the company’s performance in the fields of; customer satisfaction, health and safety, productivity, sickness and absence, innovation and even profitability. When it comes to achieving that you will need to ensure your engagement efforts need to be aligned with the strategy of the business. Bringing in unplanned activities and ideas that you are not sure will work and without measuring their impact is just a waste of resources and time.

Bring in excitement for the upcoming chances

Communicate all of the upcoming opportunities with the employees often. Raise the levels of excitement and let them strive to be there to find out what it’s all about. Let employees know via emails, newsletters and during meetings. If you are leaving employees excited and wondering what is next, they are more likely to give no answer to the emails coming in from your competition.

Let the employees create their own experience

People tend to assimilate and remember such information that they get on their own rather than from others. Set some rules and give some simple instructions with some objectives and a timeline to stick to and let the employees create their own experiences. Let each individual decide on what their work preferences are.

Make some fun

Turn those boring meetings into something more exciting and attention-grabbing.  Instead of reading stuff during a meeting and boring the team turn it into a trivia and learn how to use different things like the internal communication system and other tools within the business in a fun engaging way. Make teams like the newbies against the old timers or something along these lines.

Having a business internal magazine

Creating a magazine that is internal and is focused on the employees with news sections, opportunities, information and even features stories with a few jokes here and there.

You can have a quarterly or even a weekly magazine if you have the time or the staff available and happy to do this.

You don’t need to turn your business into a playground of mockery but by offering a little laughter here and there and a few opportunities that are focused around the employees instead of the business will see better, more reliable and better working staff that notice their boss doesn’t just see them as a robot with nothing in their eye except for the profits of the business. There are many examples of what to do. If you’re a Tassie based business, why not head in for some company breakfast in Hobart? There are actually some really nice hotels in Tasmania, especially the Wharf hotels in Hobart (the view!).

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