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Temperature controlled offices

Having proper ventilation is vital in order to get reliable compressor operations. The physics of the compressed air will dictate that the heat must get generated if the air is getting compressed. The amount of the heat will depend on what type of air compressor you have. For example, if you have a fully loaded 25hp air compressor, it is going to produce over 60,000 BTU of heat. If you can do the math, it is equivalent to 18kw of power. Right now you may be thinking isn’t 18KW the same as 25hp and yes you are correct. This means that most of the energy that is going into the industrial air compressor is coming out as heat. Powering tools that are equipped with compressed air are very expensive.

The common problem with air compressors is that people are using them close together in a small room as they are noisy. Compressors can be squeezed into a small space if you want to save on valuable floor space. Still, as the ventilation ducting is pricey, there might not be the right ventilation cut into the wall in order to cool the large office space.

The compressors that don’t have any ducting will exhaust into the room and end up heating it instead of cooling the place down. Sometimes the compressor cooling fan will end up sucking in the air that is already heated and form a closed circuit which will cause your compressor to overheat. The compressor room ventilation must direct the heat compression entirely away from the cooling air inlet to avoid problems from occurring. It is essential not to forget about all the auxiliary tools like the refrigerated air dryers as these can also create heat that can create a higher than likeable room temperature.

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If you are located in a colder climate, the heat from the compressor can be used as a secondary purpose such as displacing the building heat. The compressors ducting can get changed into a winter or summer position, which allows the heat to get captured in winter.
You are helping to lower your heating bills and vice versa in the summer months.

When testing the temperature, you can measure the discharge of your air compressor using an infrared gun. If the temp is reaching over 100F, then you need to be concerned. If you don’t have an infrared gun on hand, you can go and feel the discharge with your hand. If you find this is uncomfortably hot, then there is undoubtedly a problem going on. The main goal is to keep the temperature in the room as cool as can be. Your air compressor will perform better when sitting in a more comfortable temperature room. You want to keep the compressor air discharge temp sitting lower than the air dryer; the air dryers are normally rated about 100F for the inlet temperature. If you cannot get the temperature down, you may need to invest in a secondary cooling system or even a big air dryer. The air dryers get designed to compensate for all of the moisture loadings that come with the compressed air temperatures.

When looking for an air compressor that will neutralise the temperatures in different areas, then you need to buy a commercial, industrial air compressor. Be prepared to pay a significant amount for one. Talk to the manufacturer to ensure you get a model that suits your needs.

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