The Different Types of Cranes

Different types of cranes are used depending on the construction taking place. Without the help of cranes, many buildings will be incomplete as cranes make the construction process to run smoothly by lifting and lowering objects. Cranes are heavy machinery that is used to lift lower objects and machines by using pulleys and cables. Most of the time these objects are that heavy which only cranes can lift and place from one spot to another. This is why cranes are in high demand and are always for hire.

Each crane used on the construction sites may be different depending on the work that is being done. Cranes can be used anywhere such as in the seas and any rising building.

Here are the different types of cranes that are used for various projects.

Loader Cranes

These are hydraulic powered cranes which are made up of articulated arms that fit right into a trailer. Low loader cranes are used in the loading of equipments on a trailer.  An advantage of these cranes if that they can be folded into numerous sizes and can fit into a small space when it isn’t being used.  This makes it very easy for transportation from one place to another.  null

Floating cranes

These can also be referred to as crane vessels and crane ships. Floating cranes are used in seaside constructions and to load and unload ships. They are also used to lift sunken ships out of the ocean. They also specialise in lifting heavy equipment with a capacity of up to 9000 tons.  

Rough terrain cranes

These cranes are designed for off-road usage as they are mounted on undercarriages that are made up of four rubber tires. Outriggers, which can extend both horizontally and vertically are used in the stabilising and levelling of the crane while working. They have just one engine which is used for the undercarriage and crane.  

Truck mounted crane

These cranes provide mobility and are less expensive as they can travel on the road and don’t need any other vehicle to transport it from one place to another. They also have just one engine like rough terrain cranes and are mounted on rubber tire trucks which help in providing enough mobility.  They also have outriggers which are used to extend the vehicles vertically and horizontally when it is trying to hoist a load of materials.

Mobile cranes

These are one of the most common and necessary cranes, and they consist of a telescopic boom or a steel truss which is mounted on a mobile platform. The platform which it is mounted upon, could either be a rail, a cat truck or wheeled.  The telescopic boom which is attached at the bottom of the cranes is raised or lowered using hydraulic cylinders or just cables.

Tower cranes

Tower cranes are the most commonly used cranes as can be seen in many construction sites in today’s world. They are used mostly to construct tall buildings and are either attached to a structure or are fixed to the ground in concrete. These cranes can lift as much as 20 tons and can work up to 256 ft height, to communicate the operators of the cranes used hand signals and radio.

Railroad cranes

Railroad cranes are used to construct railway lines, repairing railway lines and maintenance. They move on railway tracks and cannot be used or travel on other places apart from the railway tracks as it is designed only for it.  

Each crane has its purpose in every construction site. Without the help of cranes, most construction jobs will take much longer to complete and will be more difficult to use just human resources in the placing and displacing of objects.

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